63622 Meretriz Violette Fitness Model

1 hora 2 horas pernoite
Em casa
não não não
400 700 1500
Idade: 28 Altura: 170 Peso: 53
Mama: 2 Europeu Loiros
Hello, Mr Perfect is such a pleasure to get your attention somehow. I'll try in the best way possible to describe myself so you can be excited to meet me or just to decide that I'm not what you are looking. Is good to be with a woman who knows what she likes, and what I deeply like is to please a man and give him a moment to remind him of me for the rest of his life. Simply saying when I will leave you, I want you to smile and no regrets. I'm a person who enjoys life to the fullest; the smile is something that you are going to see constantly in our meeting. For me, quality is something I'll exchange for your time and I rather not see you, if I can't give you 100% of me being natural, passionate and a lovely companion girlfriend. We can go out on a dinner date, or I can arrive at your hotel, and nobody will figure out what I do or who I am, I'll always dress up very social and classy. Is easy for me to connect with the different type of people as long as they respect me. I also believe in energy as the essential meaning of my life, so any action has a reaction, and this is why I try my best to you others. If you are still reading this then maybe I have planted the seed of desire, with that said, I look forward to meeting you, and creating wonderful memories together.

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